In order to ensure an enjoyable stay, we encourage you to read the rules before renting apartments.
The booking is to know about: advances, understanding the terms and conditions.
Booking apartment tenant confirms that he is familiar with the conditions and rights involving a lease.

The owner of the apartments, the company APRAT4RENT, Susan Ortmanns, 9 in 47-400 ul W.Zajaca Raciborz.

2. Reservations, contracts and payments

Tenancy agreement is considered complete when it is formulated in writing.
Pick up an e-mail, fax or letter also constitutes a binding reservation.
The lease is temporarily closed for days, weeks or months.
With the conclusion of the agreement commits both partners to meet its conditions, regardless of its duration until the contract is completed.
Once a reservation, send an e-mail confirmation and a bill for the entire period of rental (rent is payable in advance).
The account number is specified.
50% of the gross amount of the invoice must be paid to our account within 3 working days as a deposit from the tenant. 50% of account balance must be received 2 working days in advance on our account and be accounted for.
You can also pay cash in the apartment transfer. Of course, you also receive a receipt.
The cost of bank transfer must be made by the tenant. In each case, the total sum to be paid for the supply of property to the lessee.

2.a bill payment dates are not fulfilled
2b, the amendments made by the tenant

3.Up by the tenant and the costs this entails

The tenant may cancel at any time before the expiration of a written binding contract.
Agreement is terminated from the date of cancellation written cancellation.

Claims for damages are to be distributed over time, cancellation fees calculated as follows:
50 days prior to arrival 0%
49-39 days before arrival 25% of the bill
38-28 days before arrival 50% of the bill
27-14 days before arrival 80% of bill
13-0 days before arrival 100% of

If the amount of compensation due to the cancellation is less than 50 percent of the advance, which paid the tenant, the difference is the amount the tenant paid only if informed in writing in advance of the change of contract.
If these costs will be higher than the deposit is 50%, BC is governed by the Lessee
the only difference.

4. Putting the property on arrival and departure

The tenant is asked to contact 1-2 days before travel to us to agree on the approximate time
the transmission housing.
Apartment Renter is transmitted from 14:00 to 18:00.
The sentence by the tenant house from 8:00 to 12:00.
Apart4Rent in individual cases, can be applied exemption.

After the transfer of keys (front door from the basement apartment and keys), we work with
tenant checklist, transfer protocol, in which the actual condition of homes on the arrival record checklist.
The list includes the condition of furniture, inventory, condition of floors and stone floors, including the condition of the bathroom and sanitary fittings and kitchen utensils. The tenant undertakes to treat all the furniture, etc. carefully.
Before his departure and return of keys, the acceptance will be created by a checklist.
This is the actual state of motion, in agreement with the tenant and APART4RENT.
Any damage, and repair them and paying for repairs will be borne by the Lessee.
Regardless of the cleaning company, which podmuje weekly maid service
(The price), the tenant in the apartment on departure day is left clean by following these guidelines ::
Empty Trash Bottles, paper recycling Washed dishes in kitchen cabinets
If the key is not returned on time or is lost, the lock is replaced after the agreed rental period, at the expense of the tenant. There is no contractual agreement to extend the lease for an agreed term of the lease without renewal.

The tenant is obliged to provide information on all events, caused the damage immediately.
The tenant is asked to report on the operation of water and gas valves and electrical equipment.
The tenant is responsible for any damage caused by them during the course of the lease.

Tenant agrees to pay for damages caused by third parties who occupy the apartment during his tenancy.

5.Owned dwellings

Apart4Rent does not correspond with the inconveniences arising from the use of suites of random events.
Price reduction is impossible.
APART4RENT ie responsible for the loss of property, property damage and possible injury random Lessee.

6. Tenant of the apartment
Use of the property, stairs or elevators and basement at your own risk.

7.Opportunities to enter the owner of the apartment.

If Necessary, the owner has the right to enter the property without notice, for example in case of violation of the rules requiring the Najemncę, or the occurrence of random events expose That flat on the damage.
If there are no exceptional Circumstances, this is done only after prior consultation with the tenant.

8.Apratament's use.

The apartments are located in a residential building. Avoid noise.
The apartments are non-smoking.
Similarly, maintenance of domestic animals is prohibited.
Zarejestrowanynajemca is personally responsible for all roommates.
Number of people living in the apartment is defined and limited in the reservation form.
The tenant undertakes to close all windows when you leave home, turn off the lights and
heater to protect against freezing.
Curfew lasts from 22:00-7:00 in the morning.
Making a reservation and take the lease requires the tenant to comply with the rules of internal law and commits.

9. Personal data

Booking on is the lessee agrees to use his personal data in order to transcribe the lease.
The data in the database apart4rent can only be used to make a reservation, and to facilitate procedures.
The person who made ​​the reservation, are entitled to access and update their data.

Apart4rent reserves the right to charge the Customer a deposit which is returned to the customer at the time of departure if the apartment is free from defects.

Invalidity or unenforceability may affect the other points.

12.Judicial proceeding
Breach of tenancy agreement and the lack of will to an amicable settlement of any conflict, is associated with the donation of the dispute, by the Lessor under the jurisdiction of the District Court in Raciborz.